The Curtain Studio

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Re-Upholstery Service

This service is essential in providing the customer with choices, whether to restore an antique piece of furniture or just refresh that 'beaten up' up much loved sofa.

The skill of Jill's upholsterer will transform the most dilapidated piece of furniture to a beautiful piece worthy of gracing any home, and with a matching or chosen fabric or materials.

Costs will obviously vary depending on the size, number and type of material used - however compared to purchasing new items of furniture its clearly a saving. There is also the added advantage that you can choose a matching pattern and colour to create a truly themed room.

People always want to know "what will it look like when its done ?" well to the right you can see exactly what can be achieved. Here we have a new, iconic chair - the focus for this room and providing a unique piece, for a lot less than the purchase of new furniture.

So why not call in on Jill today and see if she can help you ?